Sunday, August 21, 2011

Editing more wedding photos

I love having the ability to take a photograph and then editing it to enhance the story behind the photograph.  I am still working on the wedding photos I took 2 weeks ago and wanted to share one of my favorite shots...

Christmas Stamp-A-Stack

I had so much fun at this years Christmas SAS.  It was another success and I was excited to show some new itemsa from the new catty!!  Even more excited when my guests placed some orders for the new items!!  I was very happy to show some awesome techniques and demonstrate how to use a tol that has been in the catty for years!!  Thank you so much to those who attended and placed an order.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life is a daily adventure...

So I was going to create this blog as a Stampin' Up! only blog, but there is so much more in my life to share!!  I love many forms and it happens all the time around me.  Lately I have been busy working on wedding photos.  I was hired recently to take photos of a wedding in a couple's backyard.  They have been together 14 years and have 3 beautiful children together.  He is a farmer and she is a stay-at-home mom.  The day came when they decided this was it and they were getting married.  Due to the economy, and a budget, they were on the look for deals for all aspects of the wedding and reception.  When she announced she was looking for a photographer, I mentioned I have taken photos of a couple wedding and am always playing with my camera at home with the kids and outside with nature.  She said how much and you are hired!  I of course didn't charge much because the other wedding I took photos at were family and best friends.  As the day came, I became really nervous.  I was using a camera that I have used before, but wasn't used to.  Someday I will have a really good camera and know all the setting and so home camera is a point and shoot, which I really little and easy to use...and it takes better photos than the last 3 cameras that I have owned!  I am currently editing the wedding photos using a program online.  It has so many features and was recently updated and many more features were added.  Its exciting and I get to use my knowledge and artistic abilities to create amazing photos.  Here are a few samples, let me know what you think: