Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kids Night

I held a Kids Night last night so the children could make handmade gift for their teachers.  Its always a wonder of what to give a child's teacher, wonder if they will like it or even use it!!!  This year the children, with the help of their moms, made post it note holders with gel pens.  They each had their own designs on the cover and chose their own colors.  I used the template from the Stampin' Up! Youtube channel: Its a very simple gift idea!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New layouts December 2010

These are the scrapbook layouts that were available for ideas at our Scrapbook Club this past weekend.  They are created with colors that can be used with Holiday photos or everyday photos.  I have a habit of taking many photos then not printing them out, so at this pint these pages are photoless!  Both Pages are to hold a photo at a diagonal.  I can see Black and White photos working well here.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scrapbook Club

Members of the scrapbook club will be meeting this weekend.  So far we have met 5 times since this summer, meaning a bunch of us have got more scrap pages done this year than we have in a few years!! Its nice to be able to work nex to others who are friends or relatives, chit chat, share experiences, food, laughter, and see al the beautiful children. 

A a result of this club, I have put together a Ladies Night one time a month.  The evening consists of us gathering at my place, doing any craft we choose, drinking wine or other drinks of choice, chattin away, eating snacks, watching a movie, and all without children!!