Sunday, September 04, 2011

Recent outing with the Girls

All summer I had been planning to do something with the "Girls" where we are without husbands and kidlets.  The "Girls" are a group of us sisters, best friends, and fellow moms.  We share parenting stories, birth stories, relationship stories, give and receive advice from each other, babysit each others kids, go to the beach together, or any other form of enjoying each others company.  So this past Friday was to be the evening to head out and relax/ enjoy time away.  So many idea ran through my head all summer of what we could do. 

When the night came, there were 4 of us able to head out for a couple hours.  Our idea of heading out was to not wear our sweatpants or jeans and a tee (as many of us stay-at-home moms do). We decided to try a small/ fancy restaurant (me: knowing the served wine!).  We drove down together, conversed of all sorts of things.  We parked in the public parking lot and walked up the street to the restaurant.  The weather was warm, a perfect night.  Its a cute little place, a bit dark (low lighting) walking in.  Our table is for 4.  The menu is larger than the space provided on the table!  Its a little pricey, but so many yummy choices.  I go for the Jumbo Shrim Scampi and a dry Reisling.  I am pleased.  We converse more and enjoy the time just sitting and talking.  We then decide to find a place with dessert!!  After paying our bills, we head out.  Driving up the strip, we realize there is really no lace to stop for dessert only.  We decide to stop at another restaurant/ bar.  The place is PACKED!  We ask to sit at the bar so there is no wait.  We sit and the waitress gives us meals menues.  A few minutes later, she returned and we ask for the dessert menu only.  "Oh No Problem" she says.  We of course order a two-for-beer.  As we wait our deliciousness, we chat and fool around, grabbing celery and drink umbrellas from the bar right in front of us :)  Dessert was yummy!! 

All in all it was a smooth, quiet, relaxing, and enjoyable night.  I definatly would like to do it again, perhaps try out a different place each time, different times of the day, different days of the week.  Something that has no routine or disruptions.  Of course we love to spend time with our family.  A little outing is like an adventure that Moms need to get through everyday life.

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