Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December is just a few hours away...

Excitement is setting in for the next round of Holidays!! 

Santa sent me a note saying that his elves have finished making all the wonderful gifts for James and Cora!! 

Today I will be setting up our 25 Day of Christmas Countdown using a new SU stamp set and die cuts!!  I have little activities to place behind each day that the kids can do with each other, with me, or as a family....leading up th Christmas Eve, which was always my favorite night, where the kids get to open one gift from Mom and Dad...usually PJ's :P  Other ideas listed are board games, baking cookies, and wrapping presents.

We have also started our decorating....Hubby put Christmas lights out front this year!!  Can't wait for it to get dark to see what a wonderful job he did...and of course take a photo!

By the weekend, the tree will be up and the kids will be decorating it...I am excited to be able to go through my grandparents ornaments from the tree I remember as a kid.  They use a small one each year now and have many old ornaments to get rid of.  I will be going through the box with my sisters and splitting it all up.

This year I had to buy Cora a stocking :) So I bought James a matching one!!  She had a small First Christmas one last year and needed a bigger one this year :)

Photos will be posted as we make progress with decorating and preparing for the Holidays....Stay tuned :P

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