Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"This Is Halloween!"

The weekend flew by with ghosts and witches and other scary (and non-scary) characters lurking about!!  2 Halloween parties, breakfast with the inlaws, and trick-or-treating with family!  Our creative sides kicked in when we set out a display of yumm-tastic foods for guests on Saturday:

At both parties, the kids had much fun playing games and eating sweets!!  I dressed them in inexpensive costumes and they were pleased.  Cora was a Midnight Black cat one day and was a Strawberry the rest of the weekend.  James found a hooded sweatshirt that doubled as a costume (had a full zip-up hood with mask!)  He was pleased with his outfit :)

Even the decorations were cheap and easy.  The house was decorated with toilet paper tube bats and paper plate spiders.  James and I colored faces on empty water jugs and added white lights to them.  Too cute :)

Hope Everyone had a happy, fun, and safe Halloween this year.  Now its on to THE BEST HOLIDAYS OF THE YEAR!!!

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